Who We Are

The heart of a language school is our students and teachers. We put all our knowledge, professionalism and joy, so that our students achieve their goals.

My teacher is a Spanish school created by Spanish teachers with certifications and Master’s Degrees applied to the teaching of this language and an extensive experience. The main objective of My Teacher is to offer a cultural immersion experience combined with an excellent curriculum for our students, always taking care of their particular needs and learning process.

learn spanish where are we?



The curriculum of My teacher is designed under the international CEFR standards. Its approach is communicative and the goal is to strengthen all language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Remember it is not an easy path or everyone would do it, but it can be very fun.



All of our teachers have worked for more than 4 years teaching different kind of students: tourists, expats, diplomats, businesspeople, among others. They have certificates, Bacherlor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees and they have also taught online and face-to-face. Classes are professional but without leaving out the fun and cultural experience of learning a new language.




All of our teachers have over 4 years of experience and hold university degrees.




Lesson plans designed by our teachers are based on the highest standards and the specific needs of the students.