Ricardo Tapia

Beatriz Andrea

About me:

I am an enthusiast of reading and spreading the word about it. I really enjoy talking about literature, current authors and current news. I also enjoy watching movies and series.

Languages spoken: Spanish and English.

Years of teaching experience: Three years.


Spanish palabras clave

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We are passionate about languages and Total Spanish was created as a Spanish school focused on teaching relevant quality Spanish to help you get maximum benefit from your time. Our desire is to help students learn not just grammar but all the core aspects of the Spanish language in a fun interactive way. We have helped so many people who arrived knowing how to ask questions only to be lost once the person responded.

All of our teachers are trained language graduates from Colombia so you can be sure that you are getting quality Spanish lessons at excellent prices.
We are also perfectly sized, large enough to be able to offer classes at all levels every week but small enough that we get to know all of our students.

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