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Ricardo Tapia
Why study Spanish with me?

I have a modern language degree plus an extensive experience in customer service and I have 3 years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. I deeply understand the communicative needs and barriers of a person who is in a country with a different language, which is why my classes are always focused on real situations and needs that are complemented with practical tips and examples.

My Spanish classes are

My Spanish classes always have grammatical elements as a base, but also fun and practical examples so that the student can remember and learn not only through memory but also through practice.

I love to use the likes and interests of my students as a teaching tool to get their attention and reinforce their memory.

With me it is not only possible to enjoy an in person  Spanish class, but I have also developed tools, materials and didactic activities to make online learning a fun, practical, and effective space to learn.

Why study Spanish with MyTeacher?

MyTeacher is a Spanish school that has an authentic passion not only for teaching, but also for experiences and for making its students part not only of an educational but also a cultural process, now learning Spanish in Medellín is different, practical and fun.

About me

I’m very passionate about culture, music, languages and movies. I enjoy talking to foreigners, listening and sharing experiences.

My studies

– BA in Spanish and English (Universidad Antonio Nariño, Bogotá).

– MA in Literature (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín [studies in progress]).


Languages spoken: English, Portuguesse, Spanish

Years of experience: 4 years


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