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What’s the Spanish like in Medellín?.

The dialect that is used in Medellín is the Paisa, it is spoken in much of the Antioqueño territory and the Eje Cafetero.

 The Paisa accent is unique in the region and becomes the most prominent around the world for their vocabulary, intonation and pronunciation; it should be noted that it still retains many of the bases of Spanish from Spain which are still in use, For example it is one of the few areas of the country that still vosea or has the highlight of the concave S, similar to northern Spain, this makes it a unique feature in Latin America. Learning Spanish in Medellín offers an enriching experience as it can provide a phonetic contrast to the different dialects spoken in Colombia.

How is to Study Spanish in Medellín?

Studying Spanish in Medellín is an experience every student must live, and there are many reasons for this. The Spanish spoken is Medellín is characterized by its clear, well pronounced and easy to understand accent. The city offers students a lot of opportunities to enhance their Spanish studies: different kinds of museums, several libraries and many parks. Additionally, Medellín has a delicious and typical gastronomic offer, as well as a lively night life. Besides, temperature in Medellín is always nice and fresh (it is not unjustified its slogan: “City of the Eternal Spring”). And if that were not enough, the city has the most efficient public transportation system of the country. So, what are you waiting for visiting us?

Why Studying Spanish with Us?

myTeacher is a school of Spanish for foreigners created exclusively by teachers. For us, education and well-being of both our students and teachers is the most important thing. Besides, in myTeacher we offer a wide range group of qualified native teachers, flexibility with the hours of the classes, Spanish curses that covered all the levels set by the CEFR (from A1 to C2) and affordable prices for everyone.

Why do foreigners want to learn Spanish in Medellin?

Tourism in Medellín has aroused interest in foreigners to learn to speak Spanish in the capital of eternal spring, the different activities and places of leisure offered by the city make it the ideal place to live a season full of incredible experiences in its surroundings or even to enjoy the nightlife in the area of El Poblado, What makes foreigners delight in folklore, dance and friends. 

The vast majority of foreigners say that they are attracted to food, people but something that most excites them is the Paisa accent, stands out and makes it an interesting place, full of magic that provides more than an incentive to want to socialize with the environment.

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