"It all started in 2004 when I was 13, in Form 2 and had no clue about things. My mom proposed that I take French – not just as a subject, but also to open up opportunities. I was sceptical at first, but she told me to just try out one lesson. Just one lesson. And then, whether I continued would be left to my discretion. Daniel Kermorvant was to be my French Teacher. I proceeded with the lesson. The lesson itself was so interesting. In fact, not only I know words and phrases, I could speak sentences immediately after a few classes. I made up my mind – I continued! People saw I progressed pretty fast. I finished my DELF A1 and A2 preparation with a few months. I had no problem conversing, and within 2 years, I spoke fluently. In 2007, I attempted the SPM French paper, in which I scored 1A. I am not preparing for my C1. I am an advanced speaker now and hope to complete my last level soon."

"My name is Zainal Khalil and I am currently working in a joint venture company between Malaysia and France. French language is very important for us to liaise with our counterpart in France. For me, French language is difficult and has to be taught with someone experienced in French language. Mr Daniel Kermorvant has taught us French language for the past 6 months with his own method. It is very effective and it enabling us not just to understand and write in French, but most importantly to speak the language in a relatively such a short time."
Lynette Ow,
Editor-in-Chief of CLEO magazine
Marketing Manager
Law Student