Let’s compare all those traditional language methods and MyTeacher set of methodology:

Traditional – academic language method:

  • Try to speak a new language
  • Learn advanced tenses
  • Learn advanced grammar
  • Learn vocabulary
  • Learn irregular verbs
  • Learn verbs forms
  • Learn basic information
  • Greeting and say your name

This is the common traditional teaching method. It emphasizes on too much memorization of grammar, rules, verbs, tense before you could speak a few words.

At the end of the learning process, your mind will be full with grammar and therefore, it is almost impossible to associate these elements to build a sentence or a question.

Traditional – academic language method:

  • Pronunciation and tips
  • Basic language forms of expression
  • Start to speak by making simple sentences
  • Get confidence
  • Create questions and initiate a conversation
  • Learn verbs forms and polish your forms
  • Learn grammar if necessary

MyTeacher’s set of methodology which I have designed over my 10 years of teaching experience will allow me to teach you only what you need. With MyTeacher’s method, you will be able to shorten the tedious traditional and academic learning process with elimination of unnecessary grammar, rules, verbs and tenses.

As soon as you mastered the basic tools (a few classes only), you will start to create your own sentences and questions. Be able to speak in early stage will boost your confidence and thus, will motivated you to accelerate further to higher levels.

Give to the pupils, something to do, not something to learn
John Dewey, (1859-1952), Pragmatic Psychologist in Education