David M.

Laura Cardona Zapata


About Me:
I love to study and get out of my comfort zone. I studied my bachelor’s degree in Colombia and my master’s degree in Brazil, which helped me expand my mind, since it enabled me to understand what it means to be a foreigner in a language and culture completely different from mine. Similarly, a few years back, I devoted myself to be a teacher and a researcher of Spanish as a foreign language.

Languages spoken
Spanish, portuguese and english.

Years of experience:
I have over 6-year experience teaching kids, teens and adults.

My lessons:

I can teach both personalized and group classes. As a teacher I always find the way to meet the necessities of my alumni. My main scholastic characteristic is that, without putting aside the Spanish from Spain, most of the time, I try to teach the linguistic and cultural aspects of Latin America, specifically, Colombia. My classes have a didactic approach on grammar and the variability of the four abilities: speaking, writing, reaching and listening. Also, I make use of teaching material that is design by me.


I studied Hispanic Philology at the University of Antioquia in Colombia, and did a Master’s in Language Studies at the University of Ponta Grossa, Brazil.


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